Graham Packaging

Green Light National converted a 177,413-square foot facility for Graham Packaging in Illinois to an intelligent LED-based industrial lighting system which has reduced the facility’s $78,335 annual lighting costs by 90%, to just under $4,078 or 3.9 per square foot per year. This project reduced their kWh usage by over 1.2 million per year, which is equivalent to 231 Acres of trees per year, or 186 cars from the road each year, or preventing 109,121 gallons of oil from being burned. The new lighting system delivers a brighter, higher quality light for the tenant’s 24×7 warehousing operations. Previously, the facility used 1,000- Watt high-intensity discharge lamps, which were replaced with the Digital Lumens 18,000-lumen intelligent fixtures, all with integrated occupancy and daylight harvesting sensors. Graham Packaging’s Silver Beauty facility features wireless networked intelligent LED fixtures and LightRules lighting management software designed to maximize energy efficiency. The system automatically provides the target illumination required when the space is occupied, then dims to 40% in well-traveled aisles, and 10% elsewhere for security purposes, when a space is unoccupied.