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Green Light National specializes in converting industrial and commercial spaces from outdated inefficient lighting systems to new energy-efficient LED solutions. The first step is a free lighting assessment, in which Green Light National will evaluate the best solution for you to save money and improve the aesthetics of your workspace.

Each space is individually assessed to determine the best-fit solution. After a thorough assessment, Green Light National will value-engineer your LED lighting solution, by sourcing the most efficient hardware, providing the installation and applying for any rebates/incentives to ultimately create the most cost-effective LED package.

Green Light National has successfully completed lighting retrofits throughout 22 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces. Our team will ensure minimal disruption to your business during installation to create a seamless transition to a more energy-efficient LED lighting solution.

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An average Green Light National LED solution project pays for itself in 2 years or less.

Local utilities will pay up to 80% of a lighting project’s cost.

LED lamps last up to 16 times longer than HID or incandescent lamps.

Our customers save enough energy to power 1877 homes each year.

  • Warehouse

    Open warehouse space is the ideal environment to target energy efficiencies. They often operate multiple shifts and extended hours six to seven days per week.  Lighting options alone can save over three quarters of the total electric bill.  More than half of the warehouses around the country still use federally banned High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps and are consuming 60% or more energy than necessary.

  • Retail

    Retail space has the most complexities of any commercial environment & still has many areas for possible efficiencies.  Retail consists of parking & loading areas that are prime for lighting energy savings.  Large display windows can also be treated to control solar radiation & reduce the cost of cooling while improving safety & security at the same time.

  • Office

    Energy consumption in office space comes from many different sources.  Lighting and building controls can reduce the energy consumed and create a more comfortable work environment.  By improving the office environment employees experience less fatigue, eye strain, and are less likely to make mistakes in their work.

  • Municipal

    Property owners of General Service Administration (GSA) managed buildings are often responsible for the cost of operation.  By reducing the energy consumed within a government building property owners can improve their profit margin.  Additionally, by reducing electrical consumption of municipal buildings, over time, cities and states would have more money to spend elsewhere.

  • Industrial

    Every business has to be aware of its operational expenses and margins, and nowhere is that more true than in industrial development. The relationship between the heat from lighting and solar radiation and the surrounding systems of chillers, machinery, and people make industrial space prime for major savings.

  • Educational

    As schools are forced to operate on less money it’s necessary to find efficiencies anywhere possible. In many schools it’s possible to find lighting efficiencies that will save enough money annually to equal a full time teacher’s salary.  Through a full building energy audit it is possible to target enough savings to support an entire department.


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