Gold’s Gym

Green Light cut Gold’s Gym Lighting energy usage by over 70%

“Savings exceeded our most optimistic projections”

— Travis College, Controller


For this project with Gold’s Gym the Green Light National team decided that Digital Lumens Intelligent LED fixtures and Light Rules software would be the best option to drive down the gym’s energy costs. This solution provided a rapid payback, impressive energy savings and a seven year warranty.

The first two months of energy savings exceeded the guaranteed savings amount by an average of 12%.

The environmental impact of this project was the equivalent to; planting 114 acres of trees, removing 92 cars from the road annually and saving 53,841 gallons of oil. Green Light National helped Gold’s Gym secure a $37,015 utility rebate from their local provider Rocky Mountain Power.

Click here to download a PDF of the case study.

Savings Overview 
Total Net Cost$125,166
Annual Energy Savings$43,364
Payback2.88 years
Annual kWh Savings561,000
* Product lifetime is 10+ years


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