Frequently Asked Questions of LED Lighting & The Benefits Of Working With Green Light National

Why should I consider an LED lighting upgrade for my business?

Upgrading to LED lighting has many benefits. Three of those benefits that our customers enjoy are; lowering your total operating costs, enhancing your work environment with the higher color rendering and enduring color temperature and, for a limited time, earn local rebates reducing the initial cost of upgrading.

What effects does LED Lighting have on the environment?

A Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixture has a dramatically positive effect on the environment. LEDs create the same–if not more–light as the fixtures they are replacing, while using significantly less energy and lasting up to 10 times as long. There are no harmful materials in LEDs, like the mercury that fluorescent lamps contain, so disposal does not require special considerations.

Upgrading our lighting was not in the budget this year, can you contact me next year?

GLN offers short and long-term financing for your lighting project. Our financing terms are tailored to each individual customer and we will ensure that your projects are cash flow positive on day 1.

I have been contacted by other lighting contractors, why should I consider Green Light National?

Founded by two combat-veteran U.S. Marines, Green Light National offers a true turn-key LED lighting solution for all our clients. Our attention to detail and management of the entire process ensures that your lighting project will not be lost in the handoff between manufacturer’s rep, installer and consultant. Additionally, we are product agnostic and will find the best solution for each customer’s unique need. Our nationwide team of estimators, installers and project managers ensure that every rebate dollar available for your project is received, your project is completed on time and the work is completed with minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.

Will the lighting upgrade installation process disrupt my business?

The lighting installation will not disrupt your business: we will work around your work-schedule. We have installed projects in 22 states in every type of manufacturing facility, office and warehouse facility. Our professional installers are able to work in any situation with our customers almost “not even knowing they are there”.

Are there any incentives or rebates to help pay for our project?

Utility rebates are available in almost every locale. GLN is an expert at navigating the various utilities’ rebate programs and we take ownership of the entire process. . This is another reason why our customers love working with Green Light National.

Read more about rebates here

How do I know a lighting project upgrade will really save my business money?

Energy savings from a lighting upgrade require relatively simple math with inputs gathered during our initial audit (kWh rate, current fixture type, hours of operation, etc). All of our proposals include a detailed explanation of the energy that will be saved.

What’s the next step to start this LED lighting upgrade project.

The next step is as easy as filling out the Free Lighting Assessment form on our website. We will schedule the initial audit and start you down the path to savings.

Time Lapse Video of Our Process