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Our COVID-19 Response

Green Light National is working hard to provide our customers with Ultraviolet (UV) Lighting technology in response to the Novel Coronavirus. When these products are used properly they have proven to provide a cleaner working environment for employees and customers. Our ever-changing world is leading business owners to seek new solutions to sterilize their facilities assuring a safe space to work and transact business.

We are here to help supply the demand for all your UV & Disinfectant Lighting needs.

UV Lighting

Introduction To Ultraviolet Light Technology

What is Ultraviolet Light?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is invisible to the human eye and split into three different wavelengths. The letter at the end of the UV designation A, B or C, indicates the light’s wavelength — an important distinction.

  • UV-A from 315 nm to 400 nm 
  • UV-B from, 280 nm to 315 nm
  • UV-C from, 200 nm to 280 nm (Strongest Germicidal Wavelengths)

Which wavelength of UV light deactivates viruses? 

The wavelength UV-C shows the ability to deactivate the DNA of viruses, bacteria & fungi, eliminating their ability to spread disease. For the past 40 years, UV-C light has been used to disinfect water, air, and surfaces to mitigate the spread of infection. However, because UV-C light can be harmful to human tissue, new UV technology has been developed that is safe for humans yet deadly for viruses. FAR-UV-C light operates at the frequency of 222 nanometers and kills airborne flu viruses without harming human tissues.*(add sources)

Product Examples


 Helo F2 UV Disinfecting Fixture

Helo F2 UV Disinfecting Fixture

This unit comes equipped with safety occupancy sensors to ensure the unit will not activate while the room is occupied and will immediately suspend operations if motion is detected in a previously unoccupied room. 

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Germicidal Upper Air Sconce – GUA-S

The Germicidal Upper-Air Sconce(GUA S) fixture is a wall-mounted sconce designed for upper air germicidal irradiation. This UVC light is a safe way to cleanse the upper air in the room. A proximity detection sensor comes standard with each unit to ensure it will not come into contact with humans or animals.

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 UV Focus - GUA S - Germicidal Upper Air Sconce

UV Focus - GUA S - Germicidal Upper Air Sconce

NON-UV Lighting Technology

Germicidal or Anti-Microbial Lighting

On the other end of the light spectrum, there is NON-UV Germicidal Technology or Anti-Microbial Lighting which does not kill viruses. This type of lighting proves to actually kill bacteria and can run 24/7 with no harm to human tissue, permitting safe sterilization while humans are present.

Product Example: NON-UV Light Fixture Unit

 GAC - LED Germicidal Air Chamber

GAC - LED Germicidal Air Chamber

The LED Germicidal Air Chamber utilizes anti-viral and anti-bacterial lighting technology. It contains high-performance LEDs from IllumiPure which are near-UV and part of the normal visible LED spectrum. This technology is completely harmless to humans and animals. Fans circulate air into a chamber in the back of the luminaire, so you can safely work while the downlight cleanses the room!

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